Frank E. Petersen by Lynnette LaPlace

Lynette LaPlace is a young dedicated genealogist who is consumed with her family history (my kind of gene-buddy). She is from the Virgin Islands and traces her maternal and paternal roots to the Danish West Indies and Dominica. It is a pleasure to have connected with her while researching my Danish West Indian family. As…… Continue reading Frank E. Petersen by Lynnette LaPlace

Honoring My Ancestral Mothers

Flower in the Weeds Looking at my genealogy research today, I felt very humbled by the number of mothers who came before me. It inspired me to post a reflection of my ancestral mothers some free, some enslaved – in the Danish West Indies/US Virgin Islands and Barbados.     I began with my mother, Joyce Bough. …… Continue reading Honoring My Ancestral Mothers

52 Ancestors in 52 weeks Week -9 Multiples

This post is a prompt in the 52 ancestor series 2021.   For this prompt,  a family tree search resulted in multiple spouses/partners and births on my family tree. I decided to search for multiple births.  I found the earliest multiple deliveries was a set of male twins  Aaron (1846-1884) and Esram Bough (1846-1900) born on…… Continue reading 52 Ancestors in 52 weeks Week -9 Multiples