About My Genealogical Journey

As I continue to search out my history, I am discovering how much I did not know. The more information that is disclosed about my ancestry, the more I learn and understand how I am the person that has evolved today.

As a native New Yorker, with deep roots in the Danish West Indies, now the Virgin Islands of the United States or commonly referred to as the United States Virgin Islands, I have always had a yearning to return to my maternal homeland. In September of 1976, my family and I relocated back to St. Croix. While living in New York, I was always telling my friends about my trip back home, but here I was actually waking up every day, walking among the streets and people that I have identified myself with all of my life.

At the time, I was not involved in any genealogical work, but I knew there was a missing link that became completed after I was offered the opportunity to transfer Danish documents into a data base. That opened up my world and I realize that this was my niche. I now had the tools to explore and document my ancestry.

Growing up, my mother always impressed upon her children the pride in being a “Bough”, which was her surname. Now I was able to track where that pride came from, through participating in family history projects and meeting new family, as we gathered together for the Bough Family Reunion on St. Croix in July of 2012.

As I continued to research, I found my passion extending to photography. Sunsets and street art are my favorite features, as shown in my tumblr blog http://minkyadoo.tumblr.com/ I also began blogging, and found that it has help me to improve my writing skills. Through the comments and well wishes, I have been encouraged to continue to write the stories and events of my life.

Whether or not your roots trace back to the Danish West Indies, you will find a beautiful tapestry of life that reflects our “baseball and apple pie”. This site affords you with the chance to transform yourself to a time during the Danish period (1734-1917) where life was both simple and complex. If you have any question, comments or need assistance in searching for a Danish West Indies ancestor, I invite you to drop me an email.


  1. What a wonderful Blog. I am eager to read more of your findings, and looking forward to discovering more of our family history. How lucky we are to have you there at our beginnings 🙂


  2. I read about your blog via Geneabloggers and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. In addition I also learned something because I had never heard about the danish West Indies. The French, British and Dutch (I am Dutch) West Indies yes but the Danes are new to me there. That also includes the fact about the Danes being involved in the slave trade. I thought that was a Dutch specialty 🙂
    Anyway, I’ll try to follow your progress, good luck!


    1. Thank you for the welcome…
      Slavery was the economy of the day most countries were involved one way or the other without going into details.
      In reference to the danes being involved with the slave trade. Please note that Denmark was the first European nation to end its participation in the slave trade. Ended in 1802.

      In St. Croix,, 1848, 3rd day of July
      The slaves were emancipated.
      The famous Proclamation of Emancipation was read by the Governor General Peter von Sholten
      on St. Croix July 3rd 1848
      “All unfree in the Danish West India Islands are from to-day free”

      Hope this brings some light. Recommended book is “Negotiating Enslavement” Perspectives on Slavery in the Danish West indies. by Arnold R. Highfield and George F. Tyson


  3. Ohh Shelley, what a great inspiration your blog is. It makes me long for one too!! I have been sitting all morning reading, and can’t wait for a new entry. Hugs, Camilla.


      1. Thanks Shelley… silly me is already a follower and must have had my head in the clouds when I posted this. Many thanks for getting back to me 🙂


  4. All quiet for a year – hope all is well. I’m a descendant of the Beverhoudts from St Croix – I live in Australia and getting info is a bit remote – what did we do before the internet? Is there a register of the graves on St Croix?


  5. Good evening, my name isKarla Cochrane-Gachette. I’m the granddaughter of Blanch Phaire – Cochrane who is danish and was born their in St.Croix. She’s turning 100 yrs old January 2, 2017, and I’m trying to trace back my roots,. If there’s any information needed please feel free to contact me jgachette63@gmail.com,.

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