Wednesday Child: Elise Marie

In memory of Elise Marie
Daughter of
Emile and Marie Svitzer
Who Died on December 8 1873
Aged 8 months and 8 Days

While doing my own cemetery research at the Christiansted, St. Croix Pubic Cemetery, I could not help but notice the Hourglass carved into the tombstone of Elise Marie Svitzer. A closer look revealed a child’s grave. Without a doubt the last few words written upon the stone “aged 8 months and 8 days” was indicative of a Wednesday Child, the Hourglass, symbolizing a short life, as well as the pain felt when a baby dies.

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5 Responses to Wednesday Child: Elise Marie

  1. Catherine says:

    Oh… that is so beautiful Shelley. The symbol of the hourglass is delightful… thanks for sharing.


  2. claimingkin says:

    I have stumbled upon some very interesting gravesites, but none quite like this one in the shape of an hour galss. And the fact that it symbolizes a short life, makes this resting place a very special one. Thanks for sharing these photos with us!


    • jennifer says:

      Hi , I’m related 2 emil&maria S. Theyre my GGGgrandparents.I was wondering if u hav seen their grave?? And any other svitzers?


      • It gives me great joy to be able to connect and share with you some information on your 3rd grand-parents family. I will go back to the Christiansted Cemetery and see if there are any other Svitzers gravestones.


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