Wednesday Child: Elise Marie

In memory of Elise Marie Daughter of Emile and Marie Svitzer Who Died on December 8 1873 Aged 8 months and 8 Days While doing my own cemetery research at the Christiansted, St. Croix Pubic Cemetery, I could not help but notice the Hourglass carved into the tombstone of Elise Marie Svitzer. A closer look…… Continue reading Wednesday Child: Elise Marie

Military Monday- 761st Tank Battalion

Levi G.”Yogi” Bough (1921-2008) was the son of Julius C. Bough and Caroline Gasper-Bough, and my mothers’ brother. Born on St Croix, US Virgin Islands, later migrated with his family to New York City and enlisted with the US Army in April of 1942. My uncle was a member of the 761st Tank Battalion an…… Continue reading Military Monday- 761st Tank Battalion

Slave Revolt in the Danish West Indies

Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr.’s extensive research on African-American lives was revealing, and now his new series “The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross” is reaching across to a mass audience in the diaspora, invoking us to tell our story. After watching “The Age of Slavery” Episode 2 of the six part series, I felt…… Continue reading Slave Revolt in the Danish West Indies