Friday Funny-LoL

My Gene Buddy was looking through the Newspaper Archives for St. Croix US Virgin Islands when she came across the Ad below that was placed by one of my ancestors. As I read the advertisement, I thought about the radio spots I use to write, in my attempt to create catchy phrases to catch listeners.  I Laughed Out Loud… the angle Ralph Bough used in 1915 to catch the attention of the readers.

Ralph Bough Newspaper Advertisement

The Herald Newspaper advertisement reads:


You sometimes hear a good Sermon or Lecture, but cannot remember.  How can you, when your Memory plays you such tricks.

You can help your Memory by notes, but you can have the whole lecture or sermon by taking it down stenographically.

Let me teach you stenography in 6 months.

Prices Moderate

Ralph J.  Bough

October 26, 1915




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