When you’re on a genealogical journey, one thing is certain you can’t be afraid of spending time in the cemetery.  The cemetery holds the facts, with its monuments, headstones and markers that assist you with not only name time and date but sometimes there is a story to be found on an ancestor.

In St Croix we have the Historical Danish Cemetery that is maintained and kept in good shape. In fact tourist from Denmark  plan group trips to US Virgin Islands and heading to the cemetery is always on their list of “places to visit”.   One of the tombstones that are of importance to the Danes is seeing the tombstone of my relative Aaron Bough who is the grand-son of Sarah Beaudhuy.  The story of Aaron and Sophia Bough Danish connection has been past down throughout many generations.   By seeing this tombstone at the cemetery and on-line it added credence to my own family history.


 Aaron Bough & Sophia Bough, Grave #130   “In Memory of Aaron Bough and his wife  Sophia born Netlohcs R.I.P.”  The grave is of historical significance because of the woman buried there, Sophia Bough. Sophia’s maiden name was Netlohcs, which designates  her as the illegitimate child of one of the Von Scholten’s. Born out of wedlock, Sophia was given a name that would not arouse scandal. Her father’s name “Scholten” was manipulated slightly by inverting the letter order and spelling it backwards in order to create the name “Netlohcs”.

Source:  Royal Danish Consulate, ( accessed August 14, 2012)

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