Maritime Monday

  Discovering my 3rd Great Uncle Harold Bough (1855-1941) who was a Wardroom Steward  began with a 1932 St. Croix Tribute Newspaper Article that was given to me from a  Researcher/Family Historian.  The article enlighten me to Harold Bough historic military service.  His service included sailing around the world twice.  Harold had  served 24 years in…… Continue reading Maritime Monday

Sentimental Sunday

Leopold Alexander Bough (1893-1975) was best known for his weekly visits to his relatives with bags of goodies.  Every child and adult looked forward to having Uncle Lee at their home.   He was my Great Uncle born in 1893 in St. Croix, Danish West Indies, now a United States Territory. He worked as a salesman…… Continue reading Sentimental Sunday

Friday Funnys

Brielle Queen of the Childrens ParadeBreanna, Britni and Brielle in front of the Mural in AtlantaMid Summer Night Dream School Play with BreannaI always smile and then laugh out loud when I see these pics of my grandchildren.